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Bro Mike Igbokwe

Bro Mike Igbokwe

The administrative Head of Department is Bro Mike Igbokwe.

The administrative Head of Department is Bro Mike Igbokwe.

The BENEVOLENCE DEPARTMENT of the Household of God church was formed in 1989. The department is responsible for the welfare of the less-privileged or the needy and the poor amongst our congregation and assists them in times of their adversity in the areas of clothing, feeding, rent or rent subsidies and minor medical treatment.
It also coordinates the Church’s G.R.A.C.E. EVENT (a national event) which started in 1990 and holds on the 2nd Sunday of December, each year.

The department has approximately 88 members.

Meeting days are 1ST Sunday and 2ND second Sundays of each month:
On 1ST Sundays: All members come early to church for the service on that Sunday and position themselves at strategic points in the Church’s premises and distribute the department’s envelopes to church members for the collection of monetary donations to make material provisions for the registered beneficiaries. Our members also receive food items and clothes from church members which are taken to and neatly kept in the Department’s storage room.

2nd Sunday of each month: Benevolence Ministration takes place immediately after the service. Also the Departmental business meeting holds once a month at the Holy Ghost Room.

The name of the Head of benevolence department is Bro Mike Igbokwe, SAN, FCIArb. He has being serving since 1999 till date.